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Poisson Accordéon

Poisson Accordéon

Objets et décoration d'intérieur bois

Sculpture sur bois, séquoia.

Sequoia wood sculpture. My first serious (big word) attempt at something that could stand on it's own using the 'Sequoia Erosion' sanding technique. Looking down on a cross cut section of coral coloured sequoia, I could picture a fish with the grains of the wood running up and down its body like the sunlight does in water.

Ponçage entre les anneaux de croissance pour un effet côtelé et organique.

Sequoia Erosion: Using the tree rings to guide the sanding process giving the objects a ribbed and light catching aspect. This is a very time consuming process but the results are worth it. (40hrs over a two week period).

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9x17x2.5 cm. 68 gammes; grams

450 euros.